Get Dressed with Christ to Seize the Day! (Romans 13:8-14)

Sermon from October 11th, 2015

Text: Romans 13:8-14

Theme: Get Dressed with Christ to Seize the Day!

                Yolo – Who knows what that means?

Yolo is one of those popular hashtags that was everywhere for a while but seems to have lost a little steam. Yolo = an abbreviation for “you only live once.”

Now, maybe some of you consider yourself too sophisticated, too grown up for hashtags, twitter, and Facebook. Perhaps you are more familiar with the phrase Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem = Latin for “seize the day,” first coined by the Latin poet Horace who lived and wrote around the time of Jesus.

#Yolo, carpe diem, whichever you prefer, we all get the idea.

You only have one life to live. You have a finite amount of days to be alive on this earth to pursue happiness, excitement, exhilaration, pleasure – whatever it is you are seeking – and none of us know how many of those days we have. So we talk about seizing the day and reminding ourselves that we only live once.

We all know people who exemplify this kind of living – people who woke up one day, decided they wanted to study abroad – so they did; people who woke up one day and wanted to learn how to surf in Hawaii – so they bought a plane ticket an went.

We all know people like that, but (at least in my experience) people who truly seize the day are few and far between. Most of us are a little too logic driven, a little too careful and cautious to just throw our inhibitions to the wind and do whatever we want, when we want, not caring about the possible consequences. We realize that today could be our last day, but if we are thinking logically and statistically, there is a pretty good chance that it won’t be our last day, and so we need to be ready for tomorrow. We need to be responsible, get jobs, pay the bills… all that slightly boring stuff.

And yet not matter how much our logical, cautious brains may be telling us how foolish carefree living can be, I think that all of us, even if it just a little bit, are jealous of those who truly seize the day. We wouldn’t mind cutting loose a little bit and just living in the moment instead of constantly looking at what might happen tomorrow.

Well, how about this? Would it help any of you to put to bed these logical fears that keep you from being spontaneous if I told you that in Romans Paul encourages just this kind of attitude – one that seizes the day? Because that’s exactly what Paul is encouraging today when he instructs us to “understand the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from you slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Continue reading